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"May your joys be as deep as the oceans, your troubles as light as it foams, and may you find sweet peace of mind wherever you may roam." St Patrick's Day and a new moon allowed for an electrifying day with numerous friends and enjoyable drinks. What better way to spend the day than with green beer and Irish pub sing-a-longs!


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This past week, including the weekend I was a complete workaholic. I worked for 15 hours on Monday alone and saw over 22 sick patients. So this post this week is late and short. However, life is all about balance right?  To make the week worth it, I found a winery I really enjoy! The wine is delicious and the atmosphere is welcoming with fireplaces and beach pictures. I became a member of their club and I'm excited to try more of their wines! This may be my "new" of the month! You aren't a true adult until you become a wine club member.  Paradise Springs Winery

Full Moon

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21 Ways To Celebrate/Connect To A Full Moon
There was a full moon this week, did you feel the energy of it?! A few very strange connections were made such a hazardous weather, favorite places closing down, and crystals being recharged!  Some people have weird consequences happen to them during a full moon and others are energized by it.  I feel that if you try to make the intention to release something bad, such as a habit you want to break, and accept in something you need to work on. It's the perfect time for mediation and new beginnings. 
Shipwreck bar in St Kitts is unfortunately closing down due to a large hotel being built on the land. Because of this the picturesque scene of the peninsula will no longer be the same. So many unforgettable memories were made at Shipwreck beach, this island won't ever be the same without this fantastic restaurant/bar. 
Even the weather felt the power of the moon this week....We tried going to Boston this weeke…

Here's Looking At 32

This is what 32 and life with no contacts/glasses (and no eye make-up since my eyes are still healing) looks like: I was able to celebrate my birthday this past week with family and friends by eating and drinking way too much.  Thank you to everyone who reached out to wish me well. I have found that for some reason even numbered years have always been positive years for me. Maybe it's because I turn an even number of years (32) in the even numbered years (2018). So here's to hoping the streak continues and this stays a wonderful year.
Over the weekend, I attended the Virginia Veterinary Conference in Roanoke. I chose this conference since I knew a few people going, as well as because it was early enough in the year that I could get my CE out of the way, and it was still close to home so I didn't have to take extra days off. Some of the topics that were discussed included better dermatology diagnostics, seizures and epilepsy, chronic heart failure management, and behavior …

My LASIK Experience

Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Lasik Eye Surgery
I underwent my LASIK procedure this week! This post won't be for the faint of heart, as I've had many people asking about how the surgery works, so I may go into some graphic detail. I decided to have my procedure done with TLC Laser Eye Center, so every place may be a little different, but here's my experience.
I initially went in for a consult to see if I was a good candidate for the surgery. I consulted with two places, but TLC was the one I preferred based on how I felt in the office, the online reviews, and friends who went through them as well. There are different types of vision correction surgery that you may be a better candidate for, I was best for LASIK. I needed to be out of contacts for two weeks for your cornea to heal and get an accurate test results. I had a pre-op appointment one week before the procedure to get accurate measurements for the laser.  I also had to start putting in lubri…

Grounding With Positive Energy

Something crazy/powerful/interesting that I recently discovered..... I was gifted a crystal set back in elementary school, maybe 5th grade, about making crystals and the power of them. I kept the crystals and gemstones that the kit contained.  Over the years, whenever I cleaned my house/apartment and went on a purging spree, I always debated about getting rid of them, after all they were just sitting there collecting dust.  I was never able to get of them though, something told me to hang onto them. Recently, when I started researching more about the different types of crystals and the power of them, I grabbed those crystals/gemstones and felt them vibrating in my hand....crazy I know, but it's just something you have to experience in order to believe me.  It was as I was holding them and reading that I found out they are some of the most powerful crystals/gemstones that you are suppose to own. And here all this time, I just thought they were pretty to look at. The fact that I co…

No More Contacts Ever!

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This past Thursday marked my last day to wear contacts hopefully ever!  I've finally given in and decided to get LASIK. I went in for a free consult and was told I was a excellent candidate for the surgery, so I set a date - Feb 15th, a Valentine's and birthday gift to myself. I've been wanting to get LASIK for a while, but it always made me nervous to do so. I'm at the point where I can afford the surgery and I'm sick of contacts. I just want to make things a little bit simpler. Plus EVERY SINGLE person I talked to that had LASIK said it has been the best decision they ever made. I've been wearing contacts/glasses for 21 years. My prescription has been around -5.25. With the contact solution I use, my contacts had to sit in the solution for 6 hours, otherwise it …